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VBConversions Mentioned on MVP Blog

VBConversions was mentioned on prominent MVP Ken Cox's Blog, specifically for its ability to convert LINQ:

Converting VB LINQ to C# LINQ

VB.Net to C# Converter is one of the few conversion tools that knows about LINQ and lambdas and the other 3.5 stuff. I turned to a trial version of the product after going in circles on this VB code conversion:

Dim q = From c In dc.Categories, _
        p In dc.Products _
        Where c.CategoryID = p.CategoryID _
        Group p By c.CategoryName Into Group _
        Select New With _
        {.cgname = CategoryName, _
         .prdcts = Group}

While other tools choked, VBConversions churned out this:

var q = (from c in dc.Categories
         from p in dc.Products
         where c.CategoryID == p.CategoryID
         group p by c.CategoryName into g
         let CategoryName = g.Key
         let Group = g.ToArray()
         select new { CategoryName, Group }).Select(s =>
          new { cgname = s.CategoryName, prdcts = s.Group });

I'm not sure I would have figured that out on my own.

Actually, I fixed a small bug in the conversion. The original result had the assignment operator (=) instead of the comparison operator (==) in the where clause. When I reported this issue to the author, I got a prompt, polite, and appreciative response with the assurance of a fix in the next release. (VBConversions note - this was fixed in the 2.20 release.).

One thing that I'd like to see is a snippet converter in the tool. Right now, you need to point the converter to a VS project file - something I don't normally use in file-based, ASP.NET 3.5 Web development.

For more info on VB.Net to C# Converter, see .

BTW, I had to smile at C#'s use of "let" in LINQ syntax. Don't I remember Let from the earliest BASIC days?



VBConversions Wins VSM Readers Choice Award
The VBConversions VB.Net to C# Converter won the 2006 Visual Studio Magazine's Readers Choice Award in the Development Tools Category, and was nominated in 2007 and 2008!

converting translator convertor  
2007 - Nominated
2008 - Nominated

Your application worked great the very first time unlike my experience with (competitor name omitted) which does not do spit with the designer file and made a mess out of the conversion of the remainder of a functioning application. I'll be recommending your application to anyone else I run into that may be attempting to move from to C#. You've earned my confidence!
Bob Banks

I just downloaded your trial software for VBConversions (to C#) and all I can say is wow!

Great software! Keep up the great work.

Being in the industry as long as I have I have seen a lot of bad software both in the corporations as well as with vendors. It has always been a pleasant surprise to find something that simply works as well as advertised.

Steve Naidamast
Black Falcon Software, Inc.
We had nearly 50 MB's of VB.Net code to convert. The code effected many development teams in different departments within the enterprise.

Converting all of this code to C# was a daunting task, one that we could not consider doing manually. We found out that almost no tool can do this job without a hitch. Some tools that appeared to work well, made their own "Decisions" about the original intent of the code. Sometimes right, sometimes not so right.

We needed a product that didn't just convert the code, but also gave us statistics, reports and drill down analysis.

We intensively tested 6 products, and VBConversions' VB.Net to C# Converter had the richest feature set, reporting tools, analysis and recording options. It converted the code at or above the 99.5 % rate, and gave excellent feedback suggestions and reports how where errors did occur, and what to do to fix them.

In short, all things considered, this is absolutely the best tool for the job.

It made the job of converting this code a relatively minor task in the project timeline, letting us move on to the job of extending this code into the SOA - Web Services Architecture we are moving it to.

Mike Kelly Sr Developer
The Select Group


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